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What we offer

At Support Track we keep our focus on managing enterprise support contracts offered by manufacturers and used by enterprises. We provide detailed reporting on assets in the enterprise that reflect an organizations support commitments across the enterprise.

How we can help

From the desktop to the server room, we remove the burden of tracking the support status of IT assets in diverse environments. We work with IT on finding the right mix of manufacturer offered based on support needs of the organization and with purchasing to offer a fair price.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

We want your experience with contract renewals simple and believe in streamlining the renewal process. We tie together contracts into common end dates; consolidate to a single contract number and work to keep manufacture records straight with what the enterprise has deployed.

How we work

Welcome / Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase we work to find the current support status of the organizations deployed assets by reviewing and confirming your records or through manufacturer provided information.

Reporting Phase

The Reporting Phase includes ongoing contract management where we push customized reporting throughout the year that eliminates the surprise at renewal time and assists forcasting during budget periods.

Manage Phase

Throughout the year we audit your contracts with the manufacturer, advise of promotional offerings, track pending price changes and provide timely, useful reports

Renewal Phase

In the renewal phase, we renew and co-terminate contracts based on your business needs. This may include organizing renewals of diverse manufactures to a common date, allowing an IT department to address all renewals once a year or so costs are spread at intervals throughout the year

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Support you need

1. Attention to the details of your manufacturer support contracts.

2. Frequent and accurate reporting of assets we are managing that give a clear picture of commitments.

3. An advocate for you in cases where you are not getting the support you expect.
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